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Valerie Gooding

Founder and CEO

Valerie Gooding began her dance training with an instructor from the Pennsylvania Ballet. She has performed in numerous productions and competitions, traveling throughout the United States and abroad. She was educated at many world-renowned schools in all styles of dance, including Gus Giordano, Fosse, Al Gilbert, Vaganova Syllabus under Henry Danton from the Sadler Wells Ballet and from Pennsylvania Academy of Dance in Media and Swarthmore, Pa.

Valerie earned her master’s degree in musical theater arts and ballet arts from the Dance Educators of America at Western Kentucky University and University of Las Vegas. Valerie has performed extensively along the East Coast, conducts demonstrations in elementary schools and judges dance competitions for New Jersey Arts Alliance High School.

Valerie’s experience working with professionals while staging and choreographing shows is marked by her attention to detail. Valerie’s trademark is a myriad of local productions, Broadway productions, “The Nutcracker” and extraordinary annual performances that receive rave reviews.


Valerie Gooding
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