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Dance with the best,
to be the best

At NCDMA, we have classes ranging from ballet to jazz, hip-hop to tap. While learning the fundamentals of dance, our students are taught self-confidence and respect and appreciation for the arts and for others. We challenge our students to be the best they can be in the studio and throughout their life.

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What style of dance
is the right fit for you?

Dance has many different styles.  Whether you are training for fun for

professionally NCDMA has something for everyone. 



Parent and Me  
Ages 18mo-3 Years

Our 30-minute class for toddlers is filled with activities that help develop listening skills, coordination, music awareness and more. Moms/Dads and tots learn through make believe, animals, Disney characters, personality songs and dances, tumbling and games. Our instructors use props to create the perfect setting for this educational introduction to dance.

Pre-Kinderdance I-II
Ages 3-6 Years 

Our 45 min class consists of tap, ballet, and tumbling. The perfect combination for developing young students to learn the fundamentals and keep the dancers engaged in class.  Dance helps develop self-confidence, coordination, musicality, body awareness, flexibility and strength. Combining all the elements together, creates a fun and nurturing learning environment.

Kinderdance I 
Ages 5-6 Years 

Kindedance I is a 45 min class for dancers in Kindergarden and 1st grade. The class builds on the Pre-Kin Class using Al Gilbert a known tap Icon, explores the Fantasy Garden Ballet ,and bigninner tumbling skills.  

Kinderdance II-III
Ages 6-8 Years 

Kinderdance II-III builds on the Kinderdacne I ciriculm. This class is for the advanced beginner. The dancers learn the importance of proper body placement and musicallity with tap. The class routines start on blocking and stage spacing. 

Classical Ballet 
Ages 6 and up

(Vaganova Syllabus) Russian technique. A precise and systematic approach requiring grace, discipline, precision and hard work. We recommend that students take at least two classes because this is a structured course for more interested and dedicated students. Our training procedures, with proper techniques, are taught in French terms (the language of the art). Beginners through advanced classes are available.

Pointe Class levels are by invitation only. 

Hip Hop
Ages 4 and up

Hip-Hop is a form of jazz or street funk. This is for the dancer who wants to have fun. No ballet class is required. Hip-hop dance refers to styles danced to edited pop/hip-hop music, such as breaking, locking and popping. Instructors’ style can vary between classic or new age. A uniform requirement is necessary to distinguish dance style. All dance attire must be purchased at NCDMA.

Lyrical/ Contemporary

Ages 6 and Up

This class teaches expression that incorporates modern, ballet, improvisation and fun.

Ages 5 and up

Jazz is many different styles, usually performed to current upbeat music. Center floor, body isolations, stretching, across the floor, tricks, kicks, turns, leaps, and combinations are included to improve your form and auditioning knowledge. Ballet students are required to take jazz class, except adult beginning ballet classes. Available for all levels.

Ages 3 and up

Training includes Latin and Broadway styles and close to the floor styles. Rhythm, tempo and timing are mastered through basic techniques and floor progressions, advancing to combinations and entertaining routines.

Musical Theater 
All Ages 

Broadway and Hollywood, look out for a Triple Threat. With a primary focus on dance, this class incorporates singing and acting, and training for auditions.

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