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Directed by: Heather Meginniss


We are excited you are here!

NCDMA Team celebrates 25 award winning seasons.

The team is directed by Heather Meginniss.

Heather has been in the dance industry for over 28 years. Her choreography has been recognized and won many awards. Heather's ability to feature the dancers' strengths in an entertaining and fun routines. Most importantly, Heather cares about the wellbeing of each of her students and fosters to their growth as a dancer and as individuals. "The best part of my job is watching my students get excited when they achieve a new move. Each dancer has different strength and weaknesses, I am here to build students into the performers they wish to be. At the end of the day, I love sharing my passion for the arts with my students, that is my favorite part of teaching ".

In addition, Heather choreographed "Days of Power" Movie, featuring Eric Roberts, add "Fire" Music video with Realize Records. Both featured NCDA students. Heather has been a Judge since 2017 for the largest Dance Competition in the world and is entering her 2nd year as a Regional Director for Believe National Talent Competition. 

When are auditions??

 All dancers interested in returning or becoming a team member must audition on this day.  Dancers are to bring a headshot, an essay, and a 30 sec to one minute dance prepared. Call backs will be on Sunday, May 19th, 2024. Final team decisions are emailed. 

For all new dancers, a pre-audition workshop will be schedule next year. The workshop will allow the dancer and instructor a better understanding of the dancers need and provide feedback for auditions. If you have any questions, please reach at We look forward to seeing everyone! 

Congratulations to the new 2024-25 team members!

How are Members & Dance Selections decided?

  • The dance selections are based on the number of years the student has been training/ dancing. 

  • Usually all new team members will begin with 1 to 2 competition dances, in order to become more acclimated with the team’s time commitment and demanding schedule . This will ensure that the student has the opportunity to adjust to have a successful season. 

  • Dance is an individual art form and each dancer is selected upon their individuality.  Competition dance routines WILL have a variety of age levels and skills, this is a strategic strategy for the good of the team. The end goal is to build leadership skills, team work, and growth for all dancers.  

  • NCDMA is known for its entertainment value and impeccable technique, all in which foster the growth of each student and the team as a whole.  

  • Dance selections are made with the best intentions and to build a stronger foundation to the individual dancer. This will provide the dancers with the proper skills desired for


Misson Statement

NCDA Dance Team encourages individual achievement  

through the art of dance. Inspiring dancers to accomplish  

goals to their fullest potential, to achieve individual 

 growth, perform to the highest performance level, experience comradery, and work hard. NCDA Dancers form  

bonds through friendships and leadership roles that will last a lifetime.  

End Result- To gain confidence, friendships, and grow as individuals. Also understanding, the experience and the fun of  being a teammate will teach life lessons to carry our  children through life and focus on individual growth and achieve goals!  

We are excited you are with us and looking forward to an amazing season! The sky’s the limit! NCDA, NCDA, NCDA!!!!! 

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